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I've known Kim for several years. We don't always see each other and that's ok. Life has given me some new challenges this year. These challenges have brought back my depression. As a result, this has affected my family and work life. Just giving Kim a call or text message has made a HUGE difference for me!  Just by being there for me, knowing Kim Cares Kim - keep up the good work you are doing! You my friend has a selfless HEART!

MSM Mar 2018

I was introduced to Kimberly June 2016. We were on the First Ever in Florida all Female Veteran Honor Flight. Kimberly shared with me about her charity, MEOW. I was so excited! You see, I too had to deal with MST and other life issues just like her! It was so comforting to know that I wasn't alone!  And know I have Kimberly and her resources to help me!  Life is better when we can MEOW Together!

CJS Aug 2016

I met Kimberly at at MEOW Event when she was just launching MEOW. After attending several of the MEOW Meetups, I realized that I still needed to address those "Life's Obstacles" in my life!  I had just put them into a bottle and put that cork on it and never addressed those obstacles head on! Now, Thanks to Kimberly and MEOW, I have overcome those obstacles and my business has grown even more!  Thank YOU Kimberly! You are a very strong and courageous woman!  Thank You for believing in ME!

HBL June 2015

"Sometimes we just need to MEOW Together with someone, about our greatness, no matter what life obstacles have fallen along our paths!"  Thank You Kim Jacobs for today. You dropped everything to help me ROAR and become the Lioness I was created to be! Even through the tears.

Namaste Sister Feb 2016 

I've only known Kimberly and MEOW for less than a year. When a lot of Lifes Obstacles came into my life recently, Kimberly and MEOW where there to help me. Kimberly re-arranged her schedule to assist me when others wanted to Judge Me! Thank You Kimberly for being Uniquely You!

LJ April 2016

Kimberly has a big heart and truly cares for others! I have never met Kimberly, fact to face (yet), however, we have a mutual sorority sister (aka female veteran).  I found myself in a dark place and was considering committing suicide.....I called Kimberly.  I knew she was getting ready for an event but I just needed to call her!  Kimberly answered and even stepped out from the event, and just listened and talked when needed. Thanks to Kimberly, I am finally getting the help I need and I realized that I do matter!  Once I'm done with me, I want to go back to school and become a counselor to help my fellow sorority sisters!

Susie Nov 2017


Mothers Empowering Other Women Inc 

Ms. Jacobs....You are a life saver! During our conversation, I mentioned how my husband is a veteran and is struggling with right away knew of some resources in the community for us to use! I can never repay you for this! Thank You for having a servants heart!

JW Jan 2019

I've known Kimberly for a long time. When she told me about MEOW, I was blown away! You see, even though I've known Kimberly a long time, I had never shared with about being raped by my mothers boyfriend. Other than my counselor, no one never knew. It was like taboo to speak of such things. And now Kimberly has provided a place of healing and caring, where I know that I'm not alone!  Thanks Kimberly for starting such an Empowering Group to help us realize our full potential.

Love you girl!

JW May 2016

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I've only known Kimberly for about 5 years. During all of this, when ever I needed anything, Kimberly was there for me! I love how Kimberly has taken that caring and loving attitude of hers and started her charity!  Kimberly knows how to: inspire, encourage, support and motivate others! I know first hand how Kim will literally put her life on hold to help others! God knows she has for me countless times!  Kimberly - I'm so proud of you and I Thank God for bringing you into my life!

VJS Aug 2016

I have never attended any of the MEOW Meetups. However, as a veteran widow myself, Kimberly has really made a difference in my life! SHe has shown me kindness and compassion, and giver me her shoulder to cry,, laugh, scream and yell on many times! She has even dropped everything she was doing to come to my help! THank God for friends like Kimberly that "Do Understand" and remind me that each of us are:



and Unique!

SN Mar 2016