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Seal of Transparency 2019

We had a family fun day during the Art Festival Downtown Ft. Myers.

You Are Special!

You Are Unique!

The Ladies of M.E.O.W. had a fun day at Six Mile Cypress SLough in Ft Myers, FL.  This is an actual tree along the path!

Thank You for your Donation!

Phone: 321.501.3696

Em: Kimberly@MEOWMatters.org

M.E.O.W. believes in Empowering Women and strengthening our Communities!

M.E.O.W. was established 2015 as a way for women that have "Overcome and Survived The Obstacles of Life" to have a safe place with a supportive environment of women "Survivors" from any abuse to connect with one another. This non-judgmental group of women will empower, encourage and create an outlet for women to move forward and become successful in their lives.  MEOW creates an opportunity to connect with other survivors so you know that you are not alone!


Mothers Empowering Other Women Inc